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Experience matters...

Our firm has a wealth of experience; not just in handling the big cases, but also in the day to day legal matters as well.  While the lists below are not exhaustive, we hope that they will provide you with a sense of some of the matters that our firm has experience in handling.


  • Breach of Contract 

  • Foreclosures/Real Estate 

  • Insurance

  • Construction

  • Trust & Probate Litigation

  • Premises Liability

  • Products Liability 

  • Consumer Protection

  • False Imprisonment 


Trust Agreements:
​Some clients may require more structure to suit their specific needs. For example, a client may have considerable assets spread around different locations and institutions that they would like to have managed by a trustee.  Another common situation is providing for the needs of a loved one who may not be capable of making sound decisions for him or herself.  The reasons may be many, and the legal solutions can be just as numerous.  No matter what your personal situation may be, we will give you the advice and tools that you need to help you make the right decision for you and your loved ones.


  • Traffic Offenses

  • Drug Possession/Trafficking Charges

  • Violation of Probation 

  • White Collar Crimes 

  • Theft Crimes

  • Property Crimes

  • Assault/Battery

  • Murder

  • Manslaughter

  • Criminal Appeals

  • Civil Forfeiture


Our firm has extensive experience in the appellate courts at both the state and federal levels.  We have handled appeals in both criminal and civil matters.  It is important for trial lawyers to have experience with handling appeals.  Doing appellate work means having a sense of how to properly preserve the record and raise issues during pre-trial proceedings and during trial in the event that post-trial proceedings are necessary.  

If your legal matter has concluded, and you feel that there are appealable issues in your case, we encourage you to contact our office to discuss your case.   


No one should have to worry about what will happen to their assets if something should happen to them.  Neither should anyone worry about whether their family will be provided for in the event of a tragedy.  With decades of experience planning and probating estates, our firm will help you construct a plan that suits both your needs and wishes; giving you peace of mind while happily answering any legal questions that you may have along the way.


Standard Will Package:

  • Will drafting and execution

  • Designation of a health care surrogate

  • Advanced directive (living will)

  • A durable power of attorney designation

  • Continuing legal advice regarding your estate

Standard Will Package with Testamentary Trust:

  • Includes everything in our Standard Will Package along with specialized trust provisions that only come into operation after you pass away

  • A good option for adults with minor children without executing a living trust agreement


Other Practice Areas & Services: 

  • Commercial Transactions 

  • Corporations

  • Partnerships & Small Businesses

  • Non-Profits/Charities​​​

  • ​Bankruptcy/Reorganizations 

  • Contract Drafting & Analysis

  • Administrative Law 

  • Sealing and Expunging Criminal Records​​

  • Professional Malpractice Defense

  • ​Commercial Collections

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death


Our firm has had many years of experience negotiating settlements for our clients in personal injury cases, and taking these cases to trial when the need arises.  One of the most important things in life is maintaining the ability provide for your health and to provide for your family.  Understandably, most defendants in a personal injury case would love to "wave a magic wand", and turn back the clock to undo the harm that their actions have caused to another.  Unfortunately, that is not possible, and those who have been harmed need the ability to take care of themselves so as to not burden their family or society.  

The laws in Florida have been crafted in an attempt to make the non-liable injured party whole again.  The primary way that is accomplished is by allowing juries to award monetary damages to the injured so that he or she can attempt to put the pieces back together again.  

One caveat to that principle is what is referred to as "pure comparative negligence".  

In Florida, if liability is at issue in a case, and a jury finds that both parties should bear part of the blame, the jury may assign fault to the parties on a percentage basis.  This means that if Defendant X was mostly at fault, but Plaintiff Y did something that added to his/her injuries through no fault of Defendant X, then Plaintiff Y should bear some of the blame; how much of the blame is up to the jury to decide.  The jury may then award monetary damages based on those figures.  In other words, if a jury found that your actions contributed to your own injuries, then the damages you may be awarded could be reduced based on your "percentage of fault".  

That is why it is in your best interest to speak to an attorney who has handled these types of cases in the past in order to properly assess your potential claim.  Click the button below to schedule an appointment with an experienced personal injury attorney today.

Business and Commercial Law

Business in the United States and in Florida is incredibly diverse and complex.  That doesn't mean that the solutions to your business legal issues have to be complicated.  Our firm has extensive experience in many areas of business law; from formation to litigation.  We have represented all manner of clients from small farms to hospitals and everything in between.  People depend on you and your business for their livelihoods and we understand that.  As business owners ourselves we understand many of the challenges that your business faces on a day to day basis.  If you have legal questions related to your business, contact us anytime to speak over the phone or in person regarding your issue.     

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